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With this great city,nike free, Qin series of plans can be realized, these days have been worried Li Qin Feng Shui will soon kill kept coming, and that may really want Huitianfali own, but now occupy Qiyang, you no longer need to worry about even if Lee army killed over again, Qin confident the city can hold in the case to keep the prisoners. After occupying Qiyang, Qin ordered to gather the whole city will be the first doctor, and the military as well as the original Military doctor brought together from Tucheng treatment of injuries, hundreds of doctors work together, plus plenty of herbs in town, I believe that a large some of the wounded to save their lives should be no problem.
First,nike free run, Qin ordered all the prisoners to find out all the children, surnamed Li, This is not to let ugg boots uk the rest of the non- trading name Li soldier -like, after the reorganization of Qin will have nearly one hundred thousand troops, with such a strong strength, coupled with the various measures, Qin believes that they have a Janus-faced for many will not, but Li prisoners are those who are most likely to have Janus-faced, find Li who kill the wrong spirit, not let reason all these people are deprived of the right to join the army, and all continued detention.
Eventually, the original commander Brigadier a large part of those sacked, and Lee and some of these people are too close relationship, although I do not know my heart is how to think, but the spirit of safety principles, not, not not when Brigadier Commander, is a direct thrown into prison camps, and some columns is mediocre inaction, these people are no longer considered the same, in order to prevent heart cheap nike free run dissatisfaction while II, cheap nike free run and before a group of people the same fate, thrown into prison camps, waiting for pleasure. The remaining teachers are about five people, Brigadier then 20 people, this is not enough, Qin Feng let the prisoners themselves chose the part, and the rest is their meritorious service from the staff in the election, after all, not in order to win over new, old people are not left out.


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