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Cheung ancient mind quite tangled. After a moment, Andrew ancient slightly receded, some farther away, to the other side of the island. There is a lot of vegetation, or licensed laid a battle. ugg outlet Try to sneak attack that Lin Feng. If successful, do not be afraid ugg boots a. If it fails, or confirm ugg boots to have strength beyond the realm of God here. Then fled this battle to the array slightly hindered moment, then turn toward the White Tower, broke into the tower, it is possible to obtain life...... then, leave this place, find a Goddess on obscurity too few younger, inquire about the situation here !
Cheung ancient name of their thoughts and ideas. On the other side, Lin Feng 's idea and thoughts of God, all sorts of spiritual ideas, are fully integrated with the void. Trance induction into the kind of powerful and mysterious world of inter- pressure, direct orders Lin Feng breathe. cheap ugg boots Concept of God but can not fully capture the sense of the power source. If he is a mortal standing in endless darkness, nothingness pressure bursts hit, straight out of breath. Lin Feng still release the concept of God, continue to extend toward the void. Suddenly, it seems certain direction pressure is relatively large, Lin Feng spirit of ideas constantly swept up the probe to go.
Moreover,ugg boots, Lin Feng 's idea of God is really sensitive to the light. After I do not know how long, in front of the light getting stronger. Suddenly, in front suddenly a bright, fast forward nike free run stature. Lin Feng has found himself came to a door up to hundreds of huge lofty. Door exudes a strong golden light, like the sun in general. But actually is not glaring. Lin Feng stood under the door, like a dust -like inconspicuous. What is the door ? What is behind the door ? Lin Feng looked around and found that the door set in the void, space barrier, can not be bypassed.
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