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Li Chong very carefully asked. Long array Hey smile : No matter, this dragon master shot, even building a house in the array cheap nike shoes  nike outlet do not know. Long array not finish, his brow is wrinkled Doude : Mohun division has come ! Dozens of black birds that weave all heard that the Tu Ling Xiao God's powerful, though invisible Daomang Tu God now been brought under control, you can Tu God 's own power, but nobody dared to be underestimated. * So, when Ling Xiao Tu God toward nike outlet cut to them, nike outlet all ready to get out.
Knife cut sideways past seven black woven bird 's body crashed broken into two parts !nike free, Li Chong Yinqiang lethal at this time there is no God, then Tu Meng, shot just stabbed a black weave bird. ZHU Xiao thorn spider legs are more fierce green body, breath and then stabbed six black woven birds.soul force is also very tough, Tang Quan blasted a direct hit in the top of a black woven bird 's heart. Bird birds black woven into the chest of a sudden concave, convex back out, heart burst into a Xue Wu.
Zou Wei pink kill God to kill back, brush two swords, put away a dozen entangled birds weaving spider silk black sword two off. The first confrontation, black woven bird losses will be those black birds seem to weave a little and did not care, once again fell into silence. Can no longer be so wrapped continues, Zhi Buding cheap nike free what strong backup. Ling Xiao look dignified, Chen Sheng said: Long array, there is no Destroys way ? Hiding among the dragon chariot front face frustration: these black woven birds would have such talent abilities, really people think.
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