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Lena holding shoulders crouched in a corner, his face more and more white, this time the figure of the monster appeared on the street, although not so much before, but let Lena looked down every time is all the more careful. Looking at gradually falling night, Lena already anxious, Huo Yu in the end how? How not come back ? Dusk abnormal fast, Lena feels almost too much for a day did not completely dark down, shrink coach factory outlet alone on the roof, the tears in the eyes round and round, then suddenly a faint sound of wear to the Lena ear, let cheap coach whole body called clever.
Do not worry, be coach outlet online. Holding constant struggle of Lena, Huo Yu whispers in his ear, and then released her. Hate hate you scared to see Huo Yu cheap coach a look in the dark, sour nose Lena kept hanging banner with his fist to his chest, seems to take a day to worry about all let it out. Lena looked at a piece of bloody fist on his own, but also gave a lot of hurry barely tolerable Fireball, shining in the firelight, I saw Huo Yu chest with three bloody footprints, are constantly out braving the blood, has a stained clothes.
How come back so late, cheap coach be scared to death. Huo Yu side of dressing, while some complain Lena said. Huo Yu apologetic smile, opens his space rings, from the inside out a book has small yellow in front of Lena shook. Huo Yu looked out the small, Lena felt a little familiar. Diary, another one. You find the words to let Huo Yu Lina a pleasant surprise, she did not expect is to find the original diary Huo Yu went. cheap coach Said, with maps, everything can be easier to handle and more.


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