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Lin Sheng smile and shook his head, long story short road. Oh, tory burch outlet online two touches destined, actually are baffled by this space on the storm got here, eh...... put the days of the South, smiled then turned summoned a woman client to some tea, and then refer to the instructions Lin Yi -sheng random. Since seniors to stay in this place for so long what can be found in the outlet can leave here ? Lin Sheng gently sip a cup of tea, then asked. What does the older predecessors, but is a lot of promise live so age fills little brother do not mind if you call soon south t- bar, people here are so called.
Lin Sheng Yi Yi made ​​up said. Oh, well, really refreshing, yet young people ask your name ? Well, I'm winning, since so long tory burch sale until finally one from a place people came here to talk fast to tory burch outlet Faerie now become what mainland. Fangtian Nan Lin Sheng look forward to watching, waiting to talk to him about Lin Sheng Faerie continent thing. Lin wins have nothing to hide, the Faerie continent over the past century are all things happen to tell the Fangtian Nan.
After hearing about Lin wins, Fang Tiannan quite touched said. South Uncle, you have to stay in this place for nearly a thousand years, do not you ever thought of going out to it? Far more than is thought, I just came in had never been seen almost all the time is no longer thinking about what you want out of this hell will encounter space is accidentally broken, once connected to enter how dead are not know. I am struggling to find a way for centuries are not found in any of them, this place is simply a space faults, which ruins everywhere inside space faults, even broken the void tory burch outlet also re- enter another fault, do not know what is there, at this time there for hundreds of years in this place and my local indigenous people learn tory burch outlet language, able and tory burch outlet exchanges, via tory burch outlet 'd never know that a lot of things, but have not been able to determine out of the way, this place is divided into indigenous several tribes, separated in different spatial fault, the perennial melee endlessly.


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