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In the opposite, the sitting mayor Luo Dong. Zhaotie Min, you should know that they did something right? Luo Dong cold face, Chen Sheng said : those things you do, the best honest account, do not involve other people, otherwise, it would be no good, you say, right? Zhaotie Min sneered: What do not involve other people, not because you saw Romanian mayor offended should not offend people, this bumbling want to seal tory burch shoes mouth? tory burch outlet online Do not know, what is the big deal, ordered the shooting is tory burch outlet online that you and Yang Zhao only agreed to this plan it...... Oh, you might be afraid to let others know that you agreed to this plan, right?
Luo Dong suddenly face yin Shen, Leng Heng said : Zhaotie Min, you'd want a clear understanding of the situation, reported that incriminating material alone, you and your son, which is the second half ready to spend in prison, but it...... tory burch outlet remember that you have a daughter, and wife! Zhaotie Min suddenly face changed, and snapped: Luo Dong, you Ganluan tory burch outlet online dead and will not let you! That depends on you're not fit, Zhao Mayor tory burch outlet online it! Luo Dong yinyin smile. Zhaotie Min ashen face, teeth and said : You really mean ah !
We are the same, who also do not say who it! A voice suddenly wear over. Luo Dong suddenly furious : do not say not allow anyone to come in? tory burch outlet online Suddenly back, his face is suddenly stiff scowl on his face, the people became very frightened, trembling lips : Left, Left secretary ? Luo Dong look limp in the chair, panicked : Left secretary, you, how do you come here ? tory burch outlet online Can not come? Left Wing army stood in the doorway, asked coldly. tory burch outlet online Next, the secretary is a look angry, have reminded before tory burch outlet online over Luotung, think the latter turned out to be still so ignorant to make such a stupid thing.


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