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The British-Pinoy penned a two-month contract that ambition reserve him with the League One side until December 30,Air Jordan 29.
The 24-year-old has been searching for a union since being released forward Fulham FC at the annihilate of the 2013-2014 season.
In a phone interview with ABS-CBN Europe, Etheridge explained he had trials by several clubs along the country along finally signing with the Latics.
"All I needed was one opportunity Lee Johnson, the manager by Oldham, was willing to give me that so I'm really thankful to him and the club Etheridge said.
After 16 league games played,Nike KD 6 Meteorology, Oldham currently sit 9th among the standings with 25 points - impartial three places off the promotion spots.
Despite only being with Oldham for a short time Etheridge has been impressed forward what he has seen at present.
"The lads are great, the manager namely good-looking it's a union with great ambition, it's looking to get promoted into the Championship,Air Jordan 11 For Sale," Etheridge said.
"We were on a 13-run unbeaten streak, so it's a fantastic union to be involved with. I sat aboard the settle and I could perceive the passion of the guys playing. It's something to actually sink my teeth into,Jordan Shoes For Sale, and apparently work hard apt get the numeral one spot he added.
Etheridge was brought among by Johnson apt dare former Manchester United lid Paul Rachubka, 33, who is currently 1st alternative at the union.
"He's a agreeable goalkeeper yet I've forever rated myself exceedingly I'm there apt contend and show the manager what I can do - daytime amid day out.
"Even although I am here because two months, I wish apt arise a few times and whether I get the become apt impress - and I can do so - of course I'll be looking apt clutch onto the digit one blot he additional.


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