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[教學] How to hard reset the Sony Xperia ZL 如何還原 ZL

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The Sony Xperia ZL is a top-teir Sony smart phone. This phone is fully waterproof and extremely durable. Whenever you encounter errors with this device that cannot be resolved with less drastic measures, you may need to perform a hard reset. This will take your phone back to its original out-of-the-box settings and performance. A hard reset is also useful in the event that you want to sell your device as it will erase all of your personal information and files. If you ever forget your password, method #2 will allow you to use your device again. Following the steps in an exact manner will allow you to reset the phone without having to enter a password. Please remember to back up anything that you do not wish to lose before you continue.

Method #1:
設定-> 隱私->重置->重新開機 ->清除所有設定
  • Visit your “Settings“.
2.   Choose “Privacy“.
3.   Select “Factory Data Reset“.
4.   Select “Reset Phone
5.   Confirm this choice by tapping “Erase Everything“.
Method #2:
安裝Sony PC Companion->不要透過USB與電腦連線->開啟Companion support zone 並啟動 ->
更新開始->選維修手機 開始-> 選手機型號如 Sony Xperia Z 下一步-> 手機透過USB與電腦連線
-> 壓住手機音源鍵(-) ->開始更新
  • Please install the latest version of the Sony PC Companion on your computer.
  • Do not connect your phone to your computer until you reach that step in THIS tutorial.
  • Once you reach the welcome screen, select “support zone” and then “start”.
  • Select “software update” and then “start”.
  • The program will alert you that there is no phone detected and give you the option to “Repair Phone”, choose it.
  • Select “continue”.
  • Choose Sony Xperia Z from the list and click “Next”.
  • Connect your USB cable to your computer (not the phone, yet!).
  • Press and hold the back key on your phone and THEN connect the USB cable to your phone.
  • ONLY release your hold of the back key when the Sony PC Companion alerts you that the update has started


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