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[教學] ROOT ANDROID 4.4.2 三星 S4 (GT-I9500) ON KITKAT

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  • A Windows PC.
  • 安裝windows電腦
  • CF-Root package Download
  • 下載 CF-Root package
  • Odin3 v3.09 Download
  • 刷機程式 Odin3 v3.09 下載
  • Samsung [color=rgb(27, 142, 222) !important][backcolor=transparent !important]USB Drivers or [color=rgb(27, 142, 222) !important][backcolor=transparent !important]Samsung Kies.(if you dont have Kies [color=rgb(27, 142, 222) !important][backcolor=transparent !important]installed simply grab the Samsung USB Drivers from HERE.
  • 三星驅動程式及KIES

Step 1: Download all the required files from the above given links and keep them in a easy to access place by unzipping them on Desktop.


Step 2: Install Samsung USB Drivers(You don’t need them if you have Kies installed in your system).


Step 3: Now turn off your phone to enter the (Download Mode) by pressing and holding the (Volume Down + Home + Power buttons) at the same time for a few seconds and release it when you see a warning message on your screen.

步驟3.進入挖礦下載模式(HOME+"音量-" +電源 三鍵一起壓) 如下圖


Step 4: Next you will be prompted to press volume up button to continue just do it.

步驟4.成功進入後壓音量 +

Step 5: When you are successfully entered into the (Download Mode) take a deep breath and Open Odin3 app on your desktop.


Step 6: Now connect your phone to the computer, let the USB drivers load and wait for Odin ID:COM port to turn blue along with a message on Odin saying Added. This shows that you are successfully connected to Odin and good to go further for flashing.

步驟6.驅動程式有抓到 如下圖


Step 7: Click on the (AP) button located on Odin App and browse the CF-Root package that you unzipped, select the tar.md5 file.

步驟7.點選AP並選取CF-Root md5檔案

Step 8: Finally hit the (START) button in Odin to initiate flashing the CF-Root package.




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