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[ROM] [XXUFNC1][26Mar]Omega v20

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Welcome to Omegas Thread for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500
Omega v20 Kit Kat 4.4.2
Based on firmware XXUFNC1 Android 4.4.2 (Date: 05/03/2014)

Discussion for Omega v20 starts from post 4145

For Omega v20 read this post
Omega v17 Jelly Bean 4.3
Based on firmware XXUEMK9 Android 4.3 (Date: 29/11/2013)
For Omega v17 read here
Omega v14.1 Jelly Bean 4.2.2
Based on firmware UBUBMH1 Android 4.2.2 (Date: 06/08/2013)
For Omega v14.1 read here

Inside Omega v20:
Based on firmware XXUFNC1 Android 4.4.2 (Date: 18/02/2014)
Omega Kernel - Sources
Build from 4.4.2 Samsung sources Update 4
Build with stock ARM toolchain 4.6
Selinux status set to Permissive
init.d support
Adb Insecure

Multi csc
Aroma Installer
Installation is fully customizable by user and there is options to install everything or remove all Bloatware
aroma installer now has the option to remove more then 800 mb of almost 80 bloatware apps, widgets and services
Option to full wipe from aroma installer
Option to Remove all Bloatware from aroma installer
Option to install or not all Omega addon apps from aroma installer
Wipe cache partition automatic before roms installation
Wipe Dalvik Cache automatic during installation
Wipe preload partition automatic before roms installation
Wipe System automatic before roms installation
Omegas Emblem Bootanimation by our artist anbech
Omegas Emblem Shutdown animation by our artist anbech
OmegaDroid Kit Kat Wallpapers by our artist Jorq1H
OmegaDroid Wallpapers application - Screenshot
Call Recording
Phone with no increasing ringtone
4-way reboot menu
Battery % mod
Hide sms from call logs
No sms to mms conversion
Unlimited contacts to sms - mms
sms/mms Backup - Restore
Increased sms hour limit to 1000
Disable scrolling cache
Email with Exchange Security Disabled
Exit button to stock browser
Join more unlimited contacts in the contacts
All supported languages enabled
All supported languages for Samsung Keyboard enabled
Enable sub Symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard
Camera shutter sound on-off
Task manager shortcut app
Modded YouTube by rolle (can download videos) - available at Omega Files
Omegas addon applications:
Omega Files
OmegaDroid - The official application of [url]www.omegadroid.co[/url]
Xposed Framework Installer by rovo89 - read more about Xposed here
Android Camera 4.4.2 with Photoshare
Android Keyboard 4.4.2 - available at Omega Files
Flash player Support
Dolphin Browser with Flashplayer support
Dolphin Browser Jet Pack
Notification Manager by RYO Software - Omega Rom users can monitor 3 apps instead of 1
Accounts Sync Profiler by bartito
Recycle Bin by RYO Software
Backup manager for apps & data by bartito - This is the full paid version only for Omega Users
Es File Explorer
Hide It Pro
Hi-Q MP3 Recorder
MW Apps Manager
App Settings xposed module by Tungstwenty
Wanam Xposed
Removed (Can be added from Omega Files):
Boot sound
Charger Connection Sound
Stock Theme Changes:
Accuwheather widget transparent by indie
Omega Theme for aroma installer by our artist anbech
Bloatware :
You can remove all bloatware during Omegas installation
Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned
Rom is No Full Wipe
Omega Files:
Omega Files Pro:

xda's support thread for suggestions and feedback!
Omegas Official & Exclusive Themes::
Omega Graphics:
Download Center:

Omegas Download Center

Please do not make mirror links
If you like my hard working project Omega, consider a donation.

Omegas Team:
anbech - Thread |OP| & Beta testing & Graphics
ameshiya - Thread |OP| & Beta testing
cooza - Thread |OP| & Beta testing
Chris_84 - Thread |OP| & Beta testing
devabhishek - Thread |OP| & Beta testing & themes
Jorq1H - Thread |OP| & Beta testing & 3D Graphics
gimmick56 - Thread |OP| & Beta testing
HassanM - Thread |OP| & Beta testing
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KeesStolk - Thread |OP| & Beta testing
MAX 404 - Thread |OP| & Beta testing
motomoto00 - Thread |OP| & Beta testing & themes
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nadmaj - Thread |OP| & Beta testing - Themes - Mods
Ninolina - Thread |OP| & Beta testing
stanley08 - Thread |OP| & Beta testing
Terry666 - Thread |OP| & Beta testing
ttav - Thread |OP| & Beta testing
Thanks - Credits:
To my wife
To Omega's Team
To xda
To Google
To Samsung
To ATMOSF3AR for the S4 psd
To Chainfire for his CF-Auto-Root
To all of you who support my work and help me

::indie's:: Omega Roms Series
OmegaDroid - your android portal ...
Omega Files Pro app - Build and Customize your rom the way you like it!!
Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung based I9505 - Samsung based I9500
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005: Samsung based 4.4.2
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100: Samsung based JB 4.3
Samsung Galaxy S III I9300: Samsung based JB 4.3 - Omega AOKP 4.4.2 - Omega Omni 4.4.2
Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 Android 4.1.2 - Android 4.2.2 AOKP
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: Samsung based JB 4.1.2
HTC HD2 + Tmous HD2 - Omega v30 - WM6.5.x Build 29022
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