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[Android] Apology Apple Fans ! 15 powerful Apps only for Android.

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Android's advantage is more than iPhone App, because compared with greater freedom can be adjusted in accordance with the user's preferences.

Although most of the Apps can be found on Android phone and iOS, but certain Apps can only be used on Android phone.
For example: Let you look at the film and also talk to friends pass messages's AppFreedom to expand the phone storage capacity's App.

On the Android, you can definitely find more interesting than the iPhone's App. When you are sharing the App with friends, remember do not tell Apple Fans, because they can not use

Mobile art museum " Muzei "  can let your phone desktop to be mobile art museum.
Automatically put your phone every day to replace the tablecloth into different paintings, it feeling very artistic

"Hoverchat" let you sending message without interrupting ongoing things.
App - Hoverchat allows you to use the phone at the same time be able to do anything at any time to pass on the message with friends, the "Anything" is also include watching movie.
Transparency and depending on the size of the dialog box can be adjusted to your personal preferences.

"Google Keep" keep your write down ideas at anytime & anywhere by the App.
Google Keep is a flexible tool for notes. It has many different colors labels for your memo and pictures, if you use recording, it yet can automatically  convert speech into text.

Using " Cover " let your favorite App at the unlock screen
Cover can find the App for eliminating troublesome to rummage the page. Different for the case where you are, smart of the moment to help you put most likely will use the App put on the unlock screen.

" LetsGoApp " the best App To SD for Android 4.1 above.
100% move and execution the App within the MicroSD or USB OTG, save a lot of space in the phone's internal storage to store other data, for example: Music、Video、Photo ..... , and you can also sharing the MicroSD and OTG inside's App to your friends, that if they had install LetsGoApp.

Cerberus: Probably by far the best anti-theft App
Cerberus is not only track your stolen phone. It also allows you to text message from the remote control and your phone browser, for example: let the alarm sounded、clear data、lock phone by password, even open recording or view gangster's call records.

" Lux " let you full control the brightness of the screen
In the dark, Lux can let phone's screen brightness be transferred is less than zero. You can also turn on the「Night Mode」, and in the future, Lux always will automatically reduce the brightness of the screen.

" Locale " Single-handedly to control all details of the phone.
This automated App can make your phone according to your environment、
Battery charge、Callers、Time to make a difference.
For example: You can set the phone reverse after it automatically mutedAutomatically reduce screen brightness, when the charge is less than 20% .

Google's " Sky Map " Make stargazing to be fun.
Google's Sky Map make people for easily to understand the constellation. As long as holding the phone point to constellation, that you will get info about constellation.

" Link Bubble Browser " Change the way you use the browser.
This App is to help you to save time. When you click the link, it will automatically open the link's page in the background, and you still can continue view your own page, until the new page's loading is complete. And then you just click the bubble of link side, it will be show new page

" VLC’s media player " Basically, all video files has support to play on your phone.
After downloading VLC’s media player, this App can support all video formats.

" tTorrent " is a P2P download tool for mobile device.
The mobile P2P tool tTorrent, let you easily to download torrent, assuredly downloading include any files.

" Mighty Text " Reply the phone's message by computer.
Through Mighty Text, you can reply the phone's message by tablet computer or PC, it can be performed within Gmail, so you no longer need to hiden to reply message, if you are in a meeting.

" Tasker " Tailored to your exclusive phone.
There are more than 200 built-in phone settings. You can be based on different time, weather, date, gadgets, events and other variables make your phone react differently. It even has a built-in platform for the manufacture and sale of your own App.

" UCCW " Design their own unique desktop gadget.
UCCW let you design their own unique desktop gadget. First select a built-in UI visual setting, and then select what gadget and diskplay mode you want to show. In addition to doing the font change, you still can add picture、w
eather forecast、clock、calendar、battery charge、recents、Gmail .......

After reading these super large exclusive App for Android, maybe there are so many Apple Fans will crying!

Don't forget sharing this thread to your Android friends, after you had read it.


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