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[Android] TV reports: The best Smartphone storage solution!

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In this era of big data, we know the mobile devices storage space shortage that are many people's problems. Basic 16GB space gradually has been unable to meet people daily needs, because Music、Photos、Videos and a wealth of high-quality App often occupy a lot of space to using. Does internet storage is good that such as Google Drive or iCloud ? Yes, but in first you need to know the point is: Uploading to backup、Downloading and then Installing, these steps has costs a lot of Time, and Time is Money (by the way, mobile network also is not omnipresent). Generally, we are always also thinking, thinking for:Is there any better way to solve user storage problem, and to costs down with the more easy to using.

However, makes the phone's App transferred to the MicroSD or USB-OTG flash drives then run it, we think this is absolutely the best and fastest solution. The advantages are:1. Low-cost  2. Easy to carry  3. Can be easily upgrade storage capacity with personal preferences.

On the Google-PlayStore, there are many kinds of tools that can let App can be moved to the MicroSD, then what's the difference between with them and LetsGoApp ?

Recently, there is a team of App developers to put forward this idea and accept on the TV show to report.
They said:Asynchronous Execution within Disparate storage place, through this technology of software, we can makes very low cost external memory is converted into an internal storage space,  no more needs to pay for more money to buy large-capacity network storage space, and no matter the App how many of data's occupy, those all can quickly to be reads and operating.

In the past, if we had directly swaping the MicroSD among the phone and phone then let the same App been executing, this is impossible even we're using the moving function that built by the Android, because App is always only "the part of data" be moved to the external storage device such as: MicroSD.
For example:When I downloaded a navigation application and moved it to MicroSD, then change other device. Why I can not running it ? Because, there is only map-data package be moved to MicroSD, actually navigation application's main program is not.

All in all, 100% moving for App that including your personal records to the MicroSD, that just why LetsGoApp can did that.

2 Gold、1 Silver & 2 Special medals recevied from the Exhibition of Inventions in Russia - ARCHIMEDES、Malaysia - ITEX、Taiwan - KIDE.

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