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[清洗實例] 新北 三峽 光明路 清洗水管

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當天 周小姐 來電,說家裡的水管好像有問題,水龍頭有流出髒東西,會有黃黃的小顆粒,會有的味道,讓他困擾了一段時間,本公司驅車到現場檢測,經過檢查後發現管路生鏽,所以會流出銹水,本公司架起 水管清洗機 ,開始 清洗水管 ,黃水從水龍頭持續流出,如下圖及影片,周小姐嚇了一跳, 水管清洗 約兩小時後,出水量變大, 水也乾淨了,周小姐能正常用水。

Miss. 周 call to my company , She ask question for home's pipe ,She say faucet outflow ditry, She smelled feel sick and vomit with water, She worried about a long time, We went to Miss. 周's home and checked, We found the problem and saw rusty in pipe, We installed wash pipe machine and washed pipe, The faucets outflowed yellow water, you can see picture and vedio below, Miss. 周 scared look that , We washed pipe between two hours,  We was clear for pipe, Water is clearly.
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