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[分享] 介系詞 -at, by

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介系詞 -at, by
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Turn right at the next corner.
I know the girl standing by the gate.

1. 表狹窄的處所部u在……」
Could I ask you to give a speech at the reception?1
He was standing at the gate.
2. 表某個時點部u在……時」
Let’s meet at the corner at five o’clock.
He came to school at eight.
3. 表目標、目的部u對著……」
He threw a stone at the dog.
What are you looking at?
4. 表原因部u聽到……,對……」
I was surprised at the news.
He was angry at our reply.
5. 表價格部u以……」
I sold the car at a good price.
I bought these shoes at $20, but they may cost more now.

1. 表場所部u在……旁邊」
Don’t stand by the door.
Come and sit by me.
2. 表動作者部u被……,由……」
The wall was painted by my sister.
I’ve been deceived2 by him for a long time.
3. 方法,手法部u用……」
She usually goes to school 2 by bicycle.
He let me know by letter.
4. 表期限部u到……為止,不晚於……」
Can you finish the work by tomorrow morning?


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