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[WIN XP] CDBurnerXP 免費下載

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CDBurnerXP 是一套 免費 可用來燒錄 CD 及 DVD 的應用軟體,包括 Blu-Ray 和 HD-DVDs。 它也包含了燒錄和建立 ISO 檔案的功能,以及多國語言介面。 所有人,甚至是公司都能免費使用它。它沒有包含廣告軟體或其他相似的惡意元件。

音軌間包含或不包含間隔的音樂 CD
燒錄及建立 ISO 檔案
作業系統: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista

Changes in Version - 2009-02-22:
* Links can now be right-clicked to copy the URLs to the clipboard
* Made window sizes persistent for all windows
* Properties can now also be shown in the directory tree view
* Columns now have the same order for both file list views
* Minor visual changes in the verification dialog (Cancel -> Close, list tooltips, maximise box)
* Fixed a small issue with changing the selected device and importing sessions
* Fixed "save labels" button being disabled unnecessarily
* Eject disc before showing message box
* Save sort column
* Added ca-AD translation
* Added workaround for WMA files
* A couple of minor GUI adjustments for Windows 7
* Fixed a random SEHException
* Fixed a cosmetic issue with the cell editor
* Fixed a problem with creating new folders (which would later result in a NullReferenceException)
* "Update compilation" now also refreshes the file dates
* Fixed a problem with the updater on certain systems
* Newly added directories do not have the correct date/time
* Fixed a control not being disabled during the burning process
* Fixed small inconsistency
* Fixed wrong folder icons for Windows 7
Homepage - http://www.cdburnerxp.se



Since CDBurnerXP 4, we use the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (or any higher version) as basis for our application. If you are running Windows Vista, you already have .NET 3.0 preinstalled so there is nothing to care about. Any earlier operating system, however, requires that you install it manually.

Download .NET Framework 2.0

Download .NET Framework 3.0


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