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ASAP As soon as possible儘快
  BF Boyfriend 男朋友
  BTW By the way 隨便說一下
  BBL Be back later 稍後回來
  BRB Be right back 很快回來
  CU See you 再見
  CUL See you later 下次再會
  DIIK Damned if I known 我真的不知道
  DS Dunce smiley 笨伯
  FE For example 舉例
  FTF Face to face 面對面
  FYI For your information 供參考
  GF girlfriend 女朋友
  IAE In any event無論如何
  IC I see 我明白
  ILY I love you 我愛你
  IMHO In my humble opinion 依愚人之見
  IMO In my opinion 依我所見
  IOW In other words 換句話說
  LOL laughing out loudly 大聲笑
  NRN No reply necessary 不必回信
  OIC Oh, I see 哦,我知道
  PEM Privacy enhanced mail 保密郵件
  RSVP Reply if you please 請答覆
  TIA Thanks in advance 十分感謝
  TTUL Talk to you later 以後再講
  TY Thank you 謝謝
  VG very good 很好
  WRT With respect to 關於
  WYMM Will you marry me 願意嫁給我嗎


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